Apple Picking Season

Apple Picking Season

It's apple season! Here are a few favorite recipes with apples as the main ingredient. You're going to love them.


I look forward to seeing you in my kitchen, gathering flavors, soon.


©Ginger Snappy Apple Pie by Dena T Bray.

Ginger Snappy Apple Pie

Apples. Lime. Ginger.  What more do you need?

©Cranberry Apple Breakfast Cake by Dena T Bray.jpg

Cranberry apple breakfast cake

A classic revisited. Rich and moist. Enjoy it with some hot coffee.

©Apples on Black Plate at Dusk by Dena T Bray

Baked Apples

Filled with nuts, spices, ginger & honey.

©Apple Cider Cakes by Dena T Bray

Apple cider mini yeast cakes

Delicious any time of day.

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