A Feast for the Eyes: Fall Foliage Photos, New England 2013
Flowers and Tree on Fence by Dena T Bray

It's been a busy week—travels over the holiday weekend to see our son in Montreal left me no time to create a new recipe. I did stop to take photos of the last colors of the fall foliage season. I promise to have a new recipe of my own for you next week.

For now, I'll leave with links to a few of my favorite recipes from around the web this week:

Forest Lunch from Pure Vegetarian by Lakshmi

Kale and Pomegranate Salad from Simple Provisions

Teddie's Apple Cake (archive recipe from the New York Times)


I look forward to seeing you in my kitchen, gathering flavors, soon.


Red Tree in Field by Dena T Bray
Vintage Flowers on Fence by Dena T Bray
MUMS! by Dena T Bray
Little Red Barn by Dena T Bray
Connecticut River with Clouds by Dena T Bray
Mums and Pumpkins by Dena T Bray
Birch Trees in Autumn by Dena T Bray
Golden Birch Trees by Dena T Bray
Red, Pink and Gold Leaves by Dena T Bray
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