Why I Write

Resized Perfect PeonyHello All:

Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture recently published an article on food blogs. Written by Paula M. Salvio, a professor of education at the University of New Hampshire, “Dishing it Out: Food Blogs and Post-Feminist Domesticity” describes the online world of food blogs as “culinary autobiographies”, a genre close to memoirs, written primarily by women who try to cultivate an image of domesticity. As I read her sometimes unflattering critique, I began to think about why I write, what my blog says about me and my readers. Ironically, I never set out to become a ‘blogger’, rather I began to write and take up food photography,  as an extension of my cooking school, as another way to connect with people around food. It is the connection and the nourishment of those connections that keeps me going, keeps me motivated.  To me, a meal uneaten has no flavor. I see no reason to write if somehow my words don’t touch you. I hope it comes as no surprise to hear me say my blog is about you, about sharing something I do well with you, in the hopes my writings, my photos, my recipes move you in a new and creative way.

There are a number of wonderful food blogs out there. While I don’t pretend I know the women who write them, I share their enthusiasm for the work for the work, for the excellence in what they do.  

I look forward to seeing you in my kitchen, gathering flavors, soon.


Thank you to all of you for your interest in this post. Many of you have asked me to say more about why I write. Watch for more in my next post, the week of September 16.

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